Doggy Don (called Don in global broadcasts) is the protagonist of Pakdam Pakdai and Colonel's younger brother.

Doggy Don
Doggy Don
Aliases Don
Gender Male
Relatives Colonel (brother) Major (Younger Brother)
Occupations Various

Personality Edit

Doggy Don is very anthropomorphic, like when there's music he'll dance, or when there's a mess he'll clean it up. He is a good-natured, slighty smart dog, and has to put up with the mice who make his life a misery.

Appearance Edit

He resembles the Pink Panther a little bit. He has peach pink fur with droopy ears, a light pink muzzle and belly and a pinkish brown tip at his tail.

Relationships Edit

Not much known, but he gets along well with his brother Colonel and his brother Major . He also sometimes gets on with Ballu and even the mice.

Trivia Edit

  • He is very anthropomorphic.