Chottu, Motu and Lambu
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(From left to right: Marly, Charly and Larry)
Some attributes
First Personalities: Mischievous, clever, cunning
Second Likes: Bothering Doggy Don, Colonel and Ballu
Third Dislikes: Doggy Don, Colonel, getting beaten up by Ballu
Other attributes
Chottu, Motu and Lambu are the three antagonists of Pakdam Pakdai. They are often seen playing pranks on Doggy Don, Colonel, and Major. They are based off of Dee Dee, Joey, and Marky from Oggy and the Cockroaches.

Chottu Edit

Chottu (named Charly in the English localization) is the leader of the gang. He is very clever and is often the main perpetrator of the disasters that happen to the two dogs. He has brown hair, a beige body and wears glasses. He got the voice of Paresh Rawal who calls "ये बाबुराव का स्टाइल है/ye baburao ka style hai" (This is Baburao's style).

In some episodes, he sees a lady and goes up to her, suggesting a date with him, but she refuses.

Motu Edit

Motu (named Marly in the English localization) is the kid of the three mice. He is shown to be greedy. He has bluish gray fur and lime green sclerae. He got the voice of Sunil Shetty. He often calls "aeeeeeee".

Out of all his brothers, he is the only mouse that is bald and looks like a real mouse.

Lambu Edit

Lambu (named Larry in the English localization) is the skinniest of the gang. He plays second fiddle to Chottu. He has black hair and purple fur. He got the voice of Akshay Kumar. He's also the ninja of the gang, not to mention the jokester.

He is the only brother that doesn't have his name rhyming with "arly".